F001 ISO 6976:1983 Calorific Value and Relative Density
F002 ISO 6976:1989 Calorific Value and Relative Density
F013 AGA 8:1985 - Gas Density and Compressibility
F018 Pressure Calculation - Absolute and Gauge
F022 IP Paper 2 - Density Referral
F025 Local Gravity Calculation
F061 Gas Relative Density Calculation - Solartron
F068 ISO 5167:1991 Orifice Flow Calculation
F082 Liquid Densitometer Calculation - Micro Motion

The Desktop version of FLOCALC, in addition to the above, also has the following calculations available.

F003 ISO 6976:1995 Calorific Value and Relative Density
F014 AGA 8:1994 - Gas Density and Compressibility
F015 Orifice Plate Buckling
F017 Solartron Appendix A Calculation
F023 API Density Referral 1980-86
F028 API/Table 54:1952 - Density Referral
F029 IP Paper 2/Table 54:1952 - Density Referral
F032 ISO 5167: Wet Gas Venturi (Murdock)
F033 ISO 5167: Wet Gas Venturi (Chisholm/De Leeuw)
F034 API MPMS Ch.14:1992 - Gas Volume Flowrate (Factors Approach Method)
F036 ISO 6976/GPA 2145:2000 - Calorific Value and Relative Density
F037 ISO 5167:2003 - Upstream Density Calculation
F038 GPA 2172/API MPMS Ch. 14.5:2009 - GHV, RD and Compressibility
F039 Instromet - Ultrasonic Meter Flowrate
F040 Peek (Sarasota) Densitometer Computation
F041 Pressure Calculation - High-Line DP
F042 BS EN60751:1996/BS 1904 - PRT Calculation
F043 CIPM:2007 - Density of Moist Air
F047 Hydrocarbon Dew Point Calculation
F048 Daniel Ultrasonic Meter - Flowrate
F049 ISO 6976/GPA 2145:2003 - Calorific Value and Relative Density
F051 NX-19 Gas Supercompressibility
F052 AP09-600 - Flow Rate Calculation (Compensation Method)
F054 ISO 6578:1991 - Klosek-McKinley LNG Density
F056 Wagenbreth and Blanke - Water Density Calculation
F057 IAPWS-IF97:2007 - Steam Tables
F058 TP-15 2007 Vapour Pressure Calculation for NGLs
F059 COSTALD-Tait Density Calculation
F060 API Density Referral 2004
F062 ASTM IP Table 53:1952
F063 AGA 8 - Gross Characterisation Methods
F064 API MPMS/GPA TP-27:2007 Density Referral
F065 Gas Density Computation PTZ
F066 Meter K-Factor Computation
F067 ASTM D3588/GPA 2145 - Calorific Value and Relative Density
F069 ISO 5167:1998 Amd 1 - Orifice Flow Calculation
F070 ISO 5167:2003 Orifice Flow Calculation
F071 ISO 5167 Orifice Plate Validation
F072 ISO 5167/TR 12748 Wet Gas Orifice Flow Calculation
F073 ASTM-IP Table 54:1952
F074 AGA 3:1992 - Orifice Flow Calculation
F075 ISO 5167:1991 Venturi Flow Calculation
F076 ISO 5167:2003 Venturi Flow Calculation
F079 ISO 5167-5:2016 - Cone Calculations
F080 ISO 5167/McCrometer Cone Calculations
F081 Gas Densitometer Calculation - Micro Motion
F083 ASTM-IP Table 5:1952
F084 ASTM-IP Table 6:1952
F085 ASTM-IP Table 23:1952
F086 ASTM-IP Table 24:1952
F087 AGA 5:2009 - Natural Gas Energy Measurement
F088 AGA 7 - Turbine Meter Gas Flow Rate Calculation
F089 AGA 9 - Ultrasonic Meter Gas Flow Rate Calculation
F090 GPA - TP-27:2007 - Temperature Correction for NGL and LPG
F091 GPA TP-25 - NGL and LPG Density Referral Calculation
F092 GPA TP-27 - NGL and LPG Density Referral Calculation
F093 AGA 10 - Velocity of Sound / Isentropic Exponent
F094 API Natural Gas Viscosity Calculation
F095 ISO 3171:1999 Annex A - Estimating Water-in-Oil Dispersion
F096 Product Type 7 - Cpl and Compressibility Calculation
F097 ISO 8222 Annex A - Density of Water
F098 AGA 3:2012 - Orifice Flow Calculation
F099 ISO 5167/McCrometer Wet Gas V-Cone Flow Calculation (Steven)
F100 Water Content in Natural Gas - Bukacek Method
F101 ASTM D1555 - Volume and Weight of Industrial Aromatics and Cyclohexane
F103 API/Table 24:1952 Density Referral
F105 Liquid Flow Rate - Pulse Output Meter
F106 Gas Flow Rate - Pulse Output Meter
F109 GPA 2172 - Gross Heating Value, SG and Compressibility of Natural Gas from Composition
F110 ISO 6976:2016 Calorific Value and Relative Density
F111 ISO TR11583 - Wet gas Venturi
F312 Reynolds Number Calculation
F315 NORSOK - Annex D - Water in Oil Calculations
F318 AGA 8:2017 - Gas Density and Compressibility (part 2/GERG)
F319 ISO 17089-1:2019 Speed of Sound Bias (USM)